These are some of the questions often asked by clients. Please contact us if you need more information or have other queries. 1. I want a quote, what do I need provide? All you need is to send or email are the floor plans and  elevations. Also provide us the name you want the quotation to  be in along with your postal address and telephone contact  number. If preferred we can call to site to discuss your needs.  2. How long does it take for me to receive the quotation back? Generally quotations are returned within a day.   If quotes are  emailed we, will email the quote to you as long as mailing the  original copy.  3. When can the job start? We can usually start the next day.      4.  What Melbourne areas does Tip Top work in?  Tip Top covers all areas of Melbourne/Gippsland. 5. Not sure what tile I want, where can I see the tile range. Tip Top Roofing has a Bristile tile display at its offices at 31  Rimfire Drive, Hallam.    6. Do you guarantee your work? We guarantee all our work. Any problems will be rectified  immediately.  We want our clients to be satisfied and to be future  repeat customers.  Being a family business, we know and  appreciate our customer and the importance their project means  to them. 
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